Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Favorites

Here's a preview of two of my favorite suits.

The one on the left is the City Lights Tankini Top and I love it because the colors are so unique! It almost has a metallic look to it and I like the variation of a neck strap that comes from the middle of the suit.

The suit on the right is the Vixen Gathered Halter Top. I love this suit for many reasons. It's super long and has gathers all down the side which is really flattering. Also, the variation this year is that it also has ruching at the bust, which adds a lot to this suit.Stay tuned for more reveals!


  1. Wow- you are awesome!!! I can't believe how much this business has grown! I LOVE that red vixen suit... is it available to order yet? Also, just wanted to let you know that my blue suit I had you made last year is still in perfect condition... that's saying a lot because now that I live in the Caribbean I literally wear it almost every day.!

    (this is maddie horsley's sister in law- chelsea)

  2. okay, just saw that it won't be available until Feb 22nd.... is there any way to put one on hold until then? i'm just guessing they will go fast and i don't want it to sell out:)